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Understanding Frank Ocean

Title : Understanding Frank Ocean
Artist : Volksgeist
Release : 13 Sep 2018
Duration : 7.19
Type File : Audio MP3 (.mp3)


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Frank Ocean is one of the most beloved artists of his time. Nostalgia, Ultra, Channel Orange and Blonde, his 3 albums, are considered some of the best releases of the 2010s so far. The singer, songwriter and musician is widely considered a visionary artist, being responsible for some of the most boundary-pushing popular music to come out in decades. He’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in music like Kanye West and Jay-Z on Watch the Throne, Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator and many more. Before he became a musician he worked as a songwriter for years in Los Angeles, writing for Justin Bieber, Beyonce, John Legend and more. His early music was sample heavy and nostalgic, with lots of songs about the peace of childhood and a sense of fondness for his lost loves. His use of samples from Radiohead, MGMT, Eagles and Coldplay got him noticed for the extremely original use of samples in a hiphop/R&B setting. His later music is more original and off the beaten path, taking influence from many genres.
Frank is also famous for his reclusive persona. He rarely takes interviews and makes almost no public appearances between album releases.

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