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Frank Ocean - Blonde (Version 2) [Full Album]

Title : Frank Ocean - Blonde (Version 2) [Full Album]
Artist : Marlow
Release : 14 Mei 2017
Duration : 1.01.14
Type File : Audio MP3 (.mp3)


This is the BDC CD version of Blonde by Frank Ocean , released in 2016, four years after the critically acclaimed Channel Orange.
This version of the CD is different from the two sold on Black Friday both alone and with the BDC mag. This version is from the BDC magazines sold at pop up shops in NYC / LA / Chicago / London on August 20th, 2016.
It has an additional verse in Nikes by JPOP band KOHH, and an instrumental version of Pretty Sweet
It's really good.


Nikes - 0:00
Ivy - 6:09
Pink + White - 10:18
Be Yourself - 13:22
Solo - 14:50
Skyline To - 19:08
Self Control - 22:14
Good Guy - 26:21
Nights - 27:29
Solo (Reprise) - 32:36
Pretty Sweet - 33:54
Facebook Story - 36:32
Close To You - 37:42
White Ferrari - 39:08
Seigfried - 43:16
Godspeed - 48:51
Futura Free - 51:48


I hold no rights or copyrights over this music. This is not my music, and I intend to make no money or profit off of this. I simply posted it here as an archive for other people to enjoy so that they can experience this beautiful album. Copyrights go to Frank Ocean and Boys Don't Cry.

Please support the official release and spread the word. Right now it's only up through spotify and select tracks on youtube, and the vinyl was a one-day thing, so you gotta spread the word about this.
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